Admiral Property Management, LLC
1 Wakefield St. Suite 5
Rochester, NH 03867

Our main goal when working with Condominium Associations is to be the conduit of communication between the owners and the Board of Directors.  We handle all the owner calls/concerns, policing of violations, projects, and project management, general maintenance issues, accounting, financial preparation and recording, budget management as well as emergencies and problems as they occur.  Our hope is to free the Board of Directors of daily operations to allow them to focus on the goals set forth by their elected positions.

Services Offered:

Accounting Services
          Budget Planning
          Monthly Financial Reports (customized to the B.O.D. desires) 
          Paying and tracking all expenses
          Tracking income from Association Dues
          Tracking and monitoring water bill payments
          Handle all filing and record keeping

Daily Operations
          Receive any and all communications from owners
          Collection of Association Dues
          Collection of water bill payments
          Monitoring of general maintenance contracts 
          Monitoring of on-going projects
          Weekly property inspections/visits

Project Management
          Acquire multiple bids from contractors for projects
          Work with B.O.D. to select the best bid and contractor 
          Monitor the project from start to finish working with the contractor
          Oversee the project completion to be sure it is on budget and meets specs

          Quarterly B.O.D. meetings 
          Annual Association meetings

Communicate with B.O.D. on an as needed basis for project monitoring and daily activities via e-mail